Why is ceramic tiles still the most popular finishing material?

Why is ceramic tiles still the most popular finishing material? Decorating a new house or apartment has never been easier than today. A huge number of wholesalers, supermarkets and shops with an assortment for interior design, gives us almost unlimited arrangement possibilities. However, it also has its other side https://ceramixplytki.pl/12-uniwersalne . Often the choice is so large that in the end we cannot decide on a specific product. Such dilemmas usually appear when we have to decide what to cover the floors and walls. One of the finishing materials that we should definitely take into account is ceramic tiles.


When looking for finishing materials to furnish an apartment or house, we often have to make a choice – floor panels or ceramic tiles . Opinions on this topic are usually very divided, and each option has its supporters and opponents. However, considering the durability and strength of each of the products, ceramic tiles remain the undisputed winner. They are definitely more resistant to damage than traditional panels. Damage to a panel floor is not difficult. Most often, it is enough to carelessly drag a heavy piece of furniture over it, and it will certainly result in unsightly traces on its surface. An additional problem is the low resistance of the panels to moisture. Even brief contact with water can cause them to bend and bulge. With tiles, this kind of problem will not arise. So let’s check where it is worth putting ceramic tiles .


The first room we associate with ceramic tiles is a bathroom or a sauna. And rightly so, because it is the most frequently chosen material for finishing this type of interior. Bathing rooms are a very specific place where something often spills out and moisture accumulates in many places. Due to their compact structure, ceramic tiles do not absorb or store water. Its excess accumulates only on their surface. This facilitates its quick collection in the event of a possible failure of the washing machine or shower.


Another place where ceramic tiles will work well is the guest room. This room is often the center of family life. Here, we serve meals, receive guests or spend time with household members. Therefore, the floor in the living room should meet a number of strict criteria. Apart from the fact that it must blend in perfectly with the arrangement of the room, it should also be extremely resistant and durable. Ceramic tiles will undoubtedly meet all these requirements. Properly positioned, they will be resistant to accidental spills or damage that may occur during family gatherings or parties for friends. Versatility is also a great advantage of the tiles. By choosing those with neutral colors and patterns, we can be sure that they will be perfect for elegant living rooms, as well as they will fit perfectly into more modern interiors.


Corridors and passageways are places exposed to high loads. Placing ceramic tiles in these places is a very good idea. Thanks to their high durability, they can easily cope with mud, rain or sand. In addition to floors, it is also worth laying tiles on the walls in these sensitive places. They can be an interesting alternative to traditional paints or wall wallpapers. Especially that the walls in the hallways are exposed to frequent dirt or various types of damage. The use of ceramic tiles in these places will avoid troubles and save on unnecessary renovations. If the tiles are dirty, just wipe them with warm water and detergent.


The idea of ​​using ceramic tiles in kitchens and dining rooms is a very good solution for several reasons. First of all – a kitchen is a place where a large number of devices are stored, which emit large amounts of moisture during operation, and the resulting water vapor usually settles on walls and floors. If we decide to cover these places with tiles, we will be able to remove it quickly and effectively. Secondly, meals for the whole family are prepared in the kitchen. This means that there may often be unfortunate accidents related to spilling juice or soup, or various objects falling onto the floor https://ceramixplytki.pl/9-plytki-zewnetrzne . This involves scrubbing and washing dirty kitchen surfaces frequently. Where applicableceramic tiles, this is not the slightest problem. Their low water absorption allows them to be rubbed as often as needed, without losing their usability.

Ceramic tiles are the perfect finishing material for any type of room. They are perfect for places where high durability and strength combined with an attractive form are required. That is why they have been enjoying unflagging popularity for years and there is no indication that it will change quickly.