Good quality women’s shirt – how to recognize?

Good quality women’s shirt – how to recognize? Manufacturers of women’s shirts are competing with each other to release newer and more interesting items on the market. Only in this way are they able to increase sales and thus the profits that are so important. However, not all shirts are of good quality and can be worn, because some of them significantly change their properties after the first washing and can only be thrown away. How do you recognize a good quality casual shirt ? What to pay special attention to when buying it? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in this article, to which we invite all interested parties.


To distinguish a good-quality shirt from the inferior one, you need to know what good clothing should look like. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to 3 aspects: a thick stitch, cotton and natural fabric. Based on this, we are able to deduce which shirt seems to be the most optimal and it is worth choosing because of the good quality.


This is definitely one of the factors that sets good quality shirts apart. Usually we deal with 7-9 stitches per centimeter of seam, unfortunately in cheaper copies this number is much smaller and amounts to 4-5, which is of course both noticeable and felt. Someone may ask why it is so important? Manufacturers of women’s shirts will surely answer that the stitch density has a significant influence on the durability of the shirt. It is thanks to this that the garment can be washed repeatedly without any consequences. In addition, it is also important during ironing, namely in the case of a dense stitch there are no wrinkles. The purpose of the interior of the garment is to strengthen the seam, which makes it resistant to repeated washing. This is obviously inevitable with women’s shirts.


As you know, manufacturers of women’s shirts produce various shirts that differ in price, for example due to the amount of work or the raw materials used. Natural material is important, which can tell us a lot about the quality of the shirt. In any case, it is worth getting acquainted with the composition that must be visible on the label. Let’s check if we are dealing with safe, natural materials, otherwise it is worth considering the purchase twice. Of course, there are very few synthetic fiber additions that are effective in improving the strength of shirts as well as reducing the amount of creases. As it is an elegant piece of clothing, it must ensure a great look as well as adequate comfort. This is most important in the warmer months when the air temperature is high.In such conditions, the natural material will work exceptionally well.


As of today, it is the most popular material and it is what we most readily use. Why cotton in particular? First of all, it is characterized by durability and pleasant to touch. Manufacturers of women’s shirts decide on this material, because cotton fabrics are perfectly able to dissipate heat from the body, and thus are relatively airy, so they are perfect for the hottest days. Cotton is resistant to crushing, and after washing in appropriate conditions, it will not lose its properties, it will retain both color and shape.


A good-quality shirt, apart from the fact that it is made of high-quality materials and has a dense stitch, should primarily be liked by us. Manufacturers of women’s shirts take care of the smallest details, which is why we should also pay attention to them. We can notice different cuts, different collars, cuffs and buttons. Some shirts will be more carefully finished, others less. You should also focus on such details, all these elements make the shirt of high quality and you can decide to buy it.


It is worth describing these three elements in more detail. As you know, the collar is the exposed part of the shirt and is located just below our face. Manufacturers of women’s shirts made sure that their choice was relatively wide The most often chosen are the rigid ones, but in the case of women’s models, we have to pay much more money for it. Another important element are cuffs, if a woman puts a jacket over her shirt, it should protrude by about one centimeter. One cannot forget about buttons, which are also a very important element of the shirt finishing. Manufacturers of women’s shirts made sure that the highest-quality items had buttons made of aesthetic and natural material. Thanks to this, we can count on a coherent composition with other features that we can distinguish in good quality shirts. Interestingly, even the way the buttons are sewn has a significant influence. They must properly adhere to the material. So even the smallest details are essential to find a shirt of the highest quality.